Musical Architects

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Musical Architects at Udemy

My Udemy course is a complete blueprint to writing and producing a professional sounding song from beginning to end.

Musical Architects Marc Dold


  • Learn more about music production
  • Make your music sound more professional
  • Write better songs
  • Find your own unique style and sound
  • Express yourself more effectively as an artist
  • Mix, master and release your own music.

For more information about me and how I can help you develop your musical skills, please visit my Udemy course page.

Musical Architects at YouTube

I also create regular YouTube content to make music creators familiar with my teaching style and to cover specific topics, as well as add-ons to my online course.

Subjects Covered

  • Getting the best vocal sound
  • Improving your mixes
  • Side-chaining
  • Making your drums pop
  • Quantising correctly
  • And many other topics.

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Let's talk...

And of course, you can always drop me a note if you want to ask me about one-to-one mentoring, workshops, or specific projects.