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Musical Architects is a complete blueprint for writing and producing a professional sounding song from beginning to end

Here are what some participants on Udemy say:

I’m only halfway through the course and it has already exceeded my expectations. The course clocks in over 9hrs of content and covers the whole spectrum of songwriting, recording, production, etc… It’s honestly worth a lot more than what is being charged. The only reason that I think someone would have given it anything but a 5 stars is it is an intermediate course and they may have been a beginner. It is jam packed with content and if you aren’t at an intermediate level, it may be daunting, but not impossible. I’m certain I’ll re-watch this course many times as it has so much information to take in.

(Colin C.)

Simply explained and so easy to understand. Thank you

(Gavin B.)

This course was so helpful! He takes you along every step of the songwriting and production process in depth, with clarity, while keeping it interesting and inspiring. The techniques and concepts taught can be applied whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, and it also had a ton of useful nuggets of information which made my workflow more efficient. Following his approach has made me look at creating my own music in a more expanded, even philosophical way, so I’ll definitely take that with me when creating my next songs

(Stephanie Y.)

This course challenged me in a number of ways. From hereon I will be thinking very differently about the material I write, how I do it, sound design and composition. Thank you Marc.

(Mick Q.)

Good education doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg… That’s why I made it available on UDEMY. Take a look and see if it’s for you…

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Course objective:

Musical Architects will guide you step by step through the writing and production process of creating a professional recording.

Course layout:

Laid out in 12 sections we will cover each area we need to master in order to create a complete song and an interesting and unique production that reflects your unique voice and style. Each section covers an aspect of the process in detail: writing chord progressions, making a beat, melody writing, sound design, and side-chaining all the way to mixing and basic mastering of your composition.

Why this course?

It’s holistic and complete! The job of a writer is to express an idea or experience in a unique and authentic way. The job of the producer is to translate and dress this idea in the most effective way for the genre he or she is working in. Today’s independent artist has to understand both tasks to be successful and self-empowered.

You will not only improve your technical skills, but you will also grow musically and creatively in a holistic approach to songwriting and music production.

The Plan: How we’ll do it:

Together we’ll go on a journey to create Alchemy from a basic musical idea and demo to an emotive and professional sounding recording that moves you and the listener. I am writing and producing a brand new song alongside you.

The Benefit: What you will gain:

Participants who complete this course will have a blueprint and a whole new toolset to produce and arrange their songs ideas and find a more unique and professional sound. They will be guided from building a section that works to a structure that flows, from a basic arrangement to a refined and 3-dimensional production that makes you discover more every time you listen to it. They will be taken beyond a you-can-hear-all-parts-mix to a dynamic and sonic world with depth.

We will question every step:

· Do the chords evoke the emotions we want?

· Does the rhythm move us the right way?

· Does the melody stick and yet surprise us?

· Are the sounds and timbres unique and compliment each other maxing out the sonic space?

· Do the dynamics take the listener on an auditory ride?

· Can we hear the essentials, can we hear the details?

· Is our mix and master comparable next to other mixes in the genre?

Who is it for?

This course is for the song-writer, beat-maker, and aspiring producer/composer with at least a basic understanding of music and maybe using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation like Garageband, Logic, Pro Tools, Fruity Loops, etc.) to record a demo but is struggling to make their productions unique and sound like a pro. But you might get lots out of it even if you are quite experienced.

Why would you listen to me? Good question! (:

Real-world: I channeled 30 years of experience into this class, including producing (including 2 #1 Billboard Hits, contributing to 20+ million records sold) writing hundreds of songs and cues for independent releases and film and TV placements (over 4000 last time I checked like Blood Diamond, Little Miss Sunshine, Cable Girls, Sex and the City, etc.). I also taught over 2000 students for 10 years at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, and helped them in learning Logic (Apple Teacher Certified) and advised them in writing, recording, and producing their music.

Academia: I have a degree in classical guitar from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and additional studies at Berklee College of Music. I also have 5 years of professional experience in electronics.

What knowledge would be required as prerequisites?

Knowing the basics of a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like Logic Pro (preferred and used in the class), Pro Tools, Ableton, etc.

It’s helpful to have good, basic computer knowledge, basic song-writing skills, and the ability to play simple chords on a keyboard and/or guitar. But, good ears can make up for a lot.

What do I need? (Software/Hardware)

A computer with Apple Logic Pro (preferred) but principles can be applied to any DAW like Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live, etc. This course is not as much about teaching the DAW as it is about the core principles behind writing and producing a complete piece of music.

Using Apple Logic Pro will make it easier to follow and enhance your Logic skills tremendously. You will need Headphones or speakers and enough space on your hard drive or even better an external hard drive to save your music. Please refer to the manufacturer of the software for minimum requirements.

Thanks and stay creative!

Marc Dold, Founder of Musical Architects

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